New Mexico PRN Employee Assistance Services are designed to meet the needs of professional service organizations. 

We are able to help your organization identify and appropriately intervene when the personal problems of employees or colleagues put professional and business goals and client interests and safety at risk.


  • The New Mexico PRN services are completely confidential.  Our records are protected by Federal Confidentiality rules (42CFR Part 2) and HIPPA.
  • The New Mexico PRN specializes in services to licensed professionals.
  • The New Mexico PRN is ever mindful of the personal and professional risks that licensed professionals take when they seek counseling services.


  • Comprehensive Evaluations:  Conducted by the New Mexico PRN Evaluation Team to identify the client's issues, needs, pesonal and professional goals, resources, safety issues, challenges, and appropriate referral sources. 
  • Brief Counseling:  Designed to facilitate problem solving, develop skills, and identify short term and long terms goals, resources, and strategies.
  • Referral Services:  Designed to match the client's needs and resources with appropriate sources of services and support.
  • Care Management:  Designed to foster and facilitate multi-disciplinary collaborative clinical decision making among the client's providers.
  • Return to Work Plans:  Developed in consultation with employers and clients to ensure safety and appropriately address the client's personal and professional goals and the employer's business needs and concerns.
  • Follow-up and Monitoring:  Provides clients with the evidence and documentation they need to demonstrate to their schools, employers, colleagues, or other stake holders that they are compliant with their rehabiliation plans, have achieved their goals, and are safe to practice. 
  • Educational Programs:  Designed to increase knowledge about topics pertaining to wellness, develop interpersonal and coping skills, and improve personal and professional effectiveness. 
  • Consultation:  Provided to organizations so that they can effectively identify and address the substance use, mental health, or behavioral issues of employees and colleagues. 
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Services:  Provides individuals who have experienced a traumatic event (such as the dealth of an employee, robbery, natural or human caused disaster, downsizing, etc.) with the means to effectively manage anxiety and avoid long term stress reactions. 
  • SAP Assessments, Treatment Planning, and Monitoring:  Provides organizations that are regulated by Department of Transportation with the means to make return-to-work decisions about employees who have violated drug and alcohol use regulations while performing safety sensitive duties.