The New Mexico PRN Substance Use Issues Program for Professionals is designed to address the specific issues and meet the unique needs of licensed professionals.


  • The New Mexico PRN services are completely confidential.  Our records are protected by Federal Confidentiality rules (42CFR Part 2) and HIPPA.
  • The New Mexico PRN specializes in providing services to licensed professionals.
  • The New Mexico PRN is ever mindful of the personal and professional risks that licensed professionals take when they seek treatment.


The New Mexico PRN programming thoroughly addresses critical substance use and recovery issues.  Our evidenced based curriculum covers important topics such as:

  • Physical and psychological effects of psychoactive substance use
  • Co-existing substance use and mental health, medical, and/or behavioral issues
  • The progression and process of addiction and recovery
  • Denial - and other popular defense strategies
  • Acceptance vs. compliance
  • Coping with cravings
  • Understanding the relapse process and identifying personal relapse triggers
  • Developing a recovery support system
  • The 12-step program and other self-help recovery programs
  • Family issues in recovery
  • Setting goals and developing cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal skills and effective coping strategies
  • Understanding and dealing with co-dependence

In addition, we address recovery topics that are unique to providers of professional services.  These topics include such things as:

  • Risk factors for misuse of prescription medication
  • What is impairment?  Safety to practice issues and ethical considerations
  • The wounded healer - How do helpers ask for help?
  • Incorporating the recovery paradigm into professional practice
  • Return to work issues - mitigating risk and addressing triggers
  • Licensure, credentialing, and malpractice considerations
  • Coping with and complying with monitoring
  • Discussing your substance use problem with others - colleagues, supervisors, and clients.


  • Because New Mexico PRN offers mental health and behavioral programs, we are able to expand our standard substance use issues programs as appropriate to meet the additional needs of each individual provider.
  • The New Mexico PRN clinical staff and affiliate providers are trained in and qualified to offer a variety of treatment approaches that incorporate a range of perspectives and techniques.
  • We work with our clients to develop treatment schedules that coordinate with their personal and professional responsibilities.


  • The new Mexico PRN clinical staff members and affiliate providers are licensed in the State of new Mexico at the independent level with masters Degree training or greater and have at least 5 years experience in working with professionals and organizations that employ professionals.
  • The New Mexico PRN clinical staff and affiliate providers represent a variety of specialties including psychology, clinical mental health counseling, social work, art therapy, and employee assistance.
  • All New Mexico PRN clinical staff members and affiliate providers are experienced substance abuse treatment providers who have specific training in and are licensed to provide substance abuse treatment.


  • Professionals Self Assessment Program
  • Professionals Outpatient Primary Treatment Program
  • Professionals Continuing Care Program
  • Professionals Relapse Prevention Program


  • Assessments, referrals, and case management
  • DOT SAP Assessments, treatment and monitoring plans
  • Therapeutic monitoring programs and monitoring of settlement and return to work agreements 
  • Programs to address mental health and behavioral issues
  • Prevention and education programs and presentation
  • Adjunctive and specialized therapies such as:  art therapy, women's and men's groups, recreational and leisure counseling, and occupational counseling