PRIVATE - Requested and paid for by client.

CONFIDENTIAL - Records obtained and released only as requested and authorized by the client.

CUSTOMIZED - Monitoring components matched to the client's needs, goals, and personal and professional requirements.  Customized monitoring components include any or all of the following: 

  • Random urine drug screen monitoring
  • Worksite monitoring treatment monitoring
  • Self-help program participation
  • Participation in volunteer or recreational activities
  • Participation in treatment activities
  • Other rehabilitation activities as requested.

OBJECTIVE - Based on observable, measurable, documented behavior, reports, and test results.

Random Urine Drug Screen Testing Program

  • Conducted by First Hospital Laboratories, Inc.
  • National UDS testing program:  Test sites in 48 states
  • 69 test sites in New Mexico, 14 test sites in Albuquerque, 8 test sites in Las Cruces, 4 test sites in Santa Fe
  • Random, automated testing and notification schedules - including random EtG/EtS testing schedules
  • Multiple drug testing panels to choose from - with or without EtG/EtS screening
  • MRO services, expert witness services, reanalysis of specimens at an alternate laboratory upon request
  • Follows DOT guidelines and provides chain of custody records
  • Computerized enrollment, payment, and test program modifications
  • Reports available on-line to the individual, the monitoring organization and/or third parties (with the client's written authorization)
  • Competitively priced

Documentation and Reporting of Participation and Compliance

  • The New Mexico PRN monitoring program maintains a complete and accurate records of compliance and participation in rehabilitation and treatment activities.
  • The New Mexico PRN monitoring program provides regular and special participation and compliance reports to third parties at the client's request and with the client's approval.
  • The New Mexico PRN monitoring program provides consultation to clients and designated third parties about participation and compliance issues.